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Controls, motions systems, visualizations—that’s our area of expertise.

Stay flexible with our hardware and software solutions for industrial and mobile automation and benefit from a high level of system integrity and a wide variety of systems. Our solutions are extremely robust and work under harsh conditions: in all weathers, on the field or on the road, our products control implements in agricultural machinery as well as the functions of municipal vehicles. They run reliably, day in and day out, for many years, for example in the glass industry.

And there’s one thing all our solutions have in common: your requirements and wishes are our focus. Because at the end of the day, this is what Bucher Automation stands for: We automate your success.

The control and automation specialist in the Bucher group

As part of Bucher Industries, Bucher Automation belongs to the business division Bucher Specials. This makes Bucher Automation an important brand alongside global market leaders such as Bucher Municipal in the municipal vehicle sector and Bucher Hydraulics, the specialist for electronic and hydraulic components, which are all united under the umbrella of the Swiss group.

As the control and automation specialist in the group, Bucher Automation serves as an important supplier for many of its affiliated companies.

Extensive product portfolio

Bucher Automation focuses on select industries. Its portfolio includes solutions for agricultural machines and municipal vehicles as well as packaging & bottling, glass production, and recycling. Until this website is completed, more information on individual products is available on the existing websites for Jetter and futronic.
Jetter Automation
Solutions for the packaging and bottling industries, municipal vehicle sector, agricultural machinery, and glass container industry.
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futronic Automation
Solutions for machine and plant manufacturers for the glass-producing industry and the recycling sector.
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Bucher Industries
Simply great Machines—that is the promise of Bucher Industries and the standard the company sets for itself. Find more information about the Swiss parent company here.
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Frequently asked questions about the new brand

Why did the Jetter Group companies adopt the Bucher Group’s name and branding?
The Jetter Group has been part of Bucher Industries for ten years. The rebranding makes this clearly visible, and the new Bucher Automation brand has potential: we expect the good image of the sister companies in the Bucher Group to open doors and boost new business.

Will Jetter Group lose its independence with this rebranding?
No. Rebranding is a normal step in any integration process, signifying the affiliation with the Bucher group. The positioning of Bucher Automation within the group will not change: Bucher Industries has a decentralized structure and serves as an umbrella for strong brands. The individual companies are autonomous.

What is the role of Bucher Automation within the Bucher group?
Bucher Automation is the automation specialist within Bucher Industries and supplies a large part of the group with tailor-made automation solutions. That is why Bucher Automation is relevant to the success of the entire Group.

How will the name change affect day-to-day operations?
Everyday operations will not change much, as people, processes, and products remain the same. This will preserve the medium-sized company’s character. At the same time, Bucher Automation wants to leverage its affiliation with the Bucher group more by harnessing synergies and more strongly drawing on the expertise and resources available within Bucher Industries.

How will the new name impact the individual companies of the former Jetter Group?
The Bucher Automation brand includes all companies that were previously part of Jetter Group. This means that Jetter and futronic will grow closer together, as their products will be sold as part of the same brand. As a consequence, the Bucher Automation portfolio has grown, adding the recycling industry to Jetter’s previous product range. This enables Bucher Automation to offer an even better solution portfolio to its customers. All Jetter Group production sites will be retained.